Write a short note on third generation of computer

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Jan 19,  · Compare the distinctions between first, second, third, fourth and fifth generation of computers. The first generation computers were developed during It used vacuum tubes as the active electronic components and. Third Generation Computers () - Integrated Circuit The arrival of the Integrated Circuit or 1C brought along with it, the improvement on the second generation computers.

The ICs' were hundreds of times smaller than the transistor circuits and were cheaper and more reliable than the transistors. Siong Guan LIM has been the Group President of GIC Private Limited since September GIC is the Singapore Government's investment company managing the country's foreign reserves amounting to well above USD billion.

3rd generation of computers The 3rd Generation computers replaced transistors with “integrated circuits” or I.C. was inverted by Jack Kilby as Texas instruments in The 3rd generation computers using integrated circuits proved to be highly reliable, relatively inexpensive, and faster.

Write a short note on latest two inventions in computer? Two of the latest inventions in the computing world are USB and DDR4. USB was invented by the USB Promoter Group while DDR4 was.

Write a short note on third generation of computer
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