The audio format wars

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Audio format wars may give added life to piracy

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Audio Format Wars

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After the successful launch of the DVD-Video format, manufacturers' attention turned to the next-generation audio optical disc. As before, two different formats were proposed. The DVD Consortium developed specifications for DVD-Audio, an audio version of the DVD that allowed up to channels of.

The format wars were on, as early asand have continued to this day. The next big change after lateral disc recording came about inwhen many of the same companies (Victor, Brunswick, Columbia, etc.) went to.

Audio Format Wars Essay, Research Paper Audio Format Wars By: Sheldon Khan Before purchasing a new auto, acquiring married, or following a new audio format it is wise to inquire a few inquiries, equal under the goon, and inquire the advice of person you trust.

Audio Format Wars Before buying a new car, getting married, or adopting a new audio format it is wise to ask a few questions, peer under the hood, and ask the advice of.

The format wars were on, as early asand have continued to this day. The next big change after lateral disc recording came about inwhen many of the same companies (Victor, Brunswick, Columbia, etc.) went to electrical instead of acoustic recording.

The audio format wars
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audio format wars