Psychology scientific research papers

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Scientific Method

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We provide a scientific database of academic publication references on mindfulness from a contemplative psychology and practice perspective.

What is Gratitude? As it often happens in academia, Gratitude has a different meaning within positive psychology than what it means in everyday life. This collection contains 75 papers. Over half the length of Volume 5 comprises theoretical papers.

These papers outline the principles of Maharishi's Vedic Science, which provide the much-needed conceptual framework to explain the rapidly expanding body of empirical data on the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program.

Welcome to Psychology at CMU. With nearly 30 award-winning faculty and almost people in total, we are a vibrant community whose research continues our Department’s year tradition of studying the deeper mechanisms and processes underlying human behavior and its neural bases.

Innovation is in our DNA: our department has been at the center of helping create new scientific initiatives in. Psychology research paper examples below attempt to capture psychology’s vast and evolving nature. We believe that our choice of traditional and cutting-edge research paper topics reflects contemporary psychology’s diverse nature.

Psychology scientific research papers
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