Functional strategy of petron corporation

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Corporate Officers and Affiliated Companies

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KSS Petron Private Ltd vs. ACIT (Bombay High Court)

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Petron Corporation (PCOR) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

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Petron Group is a global private Equity Firm that invests in private equity, private debt, private infrastructure, companies, projects, resources, and renewable sectors globally.

The firm manages a broad range of investment programs for Institutional Investors such as family offices, endowments, funds of funds, ultra high net worth investors Title: Managing Partner at Petron. Job Function: Responsible for developing short-term and long-term marketing/corporate plans and strategies as well as evaluation/monitoring of programs, investments, and budgets; considers alignment and attainment of overall marketing and corporate objectives.

to the now familiar Petron Corporation. Today, Petron’s vision is to be the leading provider of total customer solutions in the energy sector and its derivative business.

Functional strategy of petron corporation
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