Chemical watermarking paper

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chemical watermark

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What IS a WaterMark?

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A paper article with a chemical watermark which includes, in combination, a paper sheet, a chemical watermark composition applied on said sheet in the configuration of a selected design, the chemical watermarking composition consisting essentially of a hardened, synthetic, thermosetting resin having an index of refraction of about to about.

True watermarking is for large quantities of paper, and for smaller runs of 10, sheets and up the second method makes a "watermark" available to a wide range of end users. Subtle yet distinctive, watermarking is an additional element for any corporate identity.

About product and suppliers: offers chemical watermark products. About 75% of these are printing paper, 65% are specialty paper, and 50% are offset paper. Prior art keywords ester design paper process weight Prior art date Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion.

Paper conservators in the near future should expect to routinely treat papers with chemical watermarks in archival collections and perhaps in modern art pieces. “Watermarking” generally refers to a localized design, name, word, or date found in a sheet of paper.

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Chemical watermarking paper
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