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Business process outsourcing to India

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India's $150 billion outsourcing industry stares at an uncertain future

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BPO industry challenged: Outsourcing giant India losing to China, small countries

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Speciallyyou will be brief. According to NASSCOM, in fiscal yearIndia’s information technology and business process management (IT-BPM) industry will add $ billion incremental revenue, to existing industry revenues of $ billion. In India, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the fastest growing segment of the ITES industry.

Factors such as economy of scale, business risk mitigation, cost advantage, utilization improvement and superior competency have all lead to the growth of the Indian BPO industry. Placement Point a leading website for job placement, jobs, hot jobs, job listing, online jobs, job opportunity vacancies, consultancy, job search engine, naukri in Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

BPO Industry in India – A Report Posted on January 10, Written by Webmaster Leave a Comment India is one of the most favored destinations for BPO services because of. In India, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the fastest growing segment of the ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) industry.

Factors inclusive of financial system of scale. India’s outsourcing industry may be in the midst of another shape shift. “At the end of the day there is no alternative to India and the Indian firms as a source of essential talent,” says Bendor-Samuel of Everest.

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India's $ billion outsourcing industry stares at an uncertain future - The Economic Times